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Always. A Teen Devotional by Melody Carlson

By Melody Carlson

Bestselling writer deals youngster women much more useful devotions in accordance with the phrases of Jesus.

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And not even a grown donkey, but the colt of a donkey. Now keep in mind that, according to some historians, Jesus was taller than average, which means his legs were probably rather long. Can you picture a tall man riding on the back of a juvenile donkey, with his feet literally dragging on the ground? Does that sound like the way royalty usually travels? But long ago, prophets had predicted this very thing—that their king would arrive on a donkey’s colt, and the people would recognize and welcome him.

And even after you saw this, you did not repent and believe him. Matthew 21:31–32 NIV Can you picture the expressions on the faces of the religious leaders when Jesus targeted them with these strong words? Keep in mind that the religious leaders did everything possible to look good—they went out of their way to keep up the appearance of being holy and pure and spiritually superior to everyone else. Now Jesus was telling them that the lowlifes—the ones they considered to be the bottom-feeders of society—were going to make it into heaven ahead of them!

He describes them as lovely white boxes that are probably ornately carved and attractive to look at—but inside the boxes are the rotting, stinking, putrid remains of cadavers. Not a pretty picture. As disgusting as that image is, it’s how Jesus views religious hypocrisy. He cannot stand it. Jesus wants you to be authentic—willing to admit to your failures and shortcomings. He wants you to live a transparent life in front of your family and friends, not put on false fronts or try to cover up your mistakes.

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