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Alcohol Textbook by K.A. Jacques, T.P. Lyons, D. R. Kelsall

By K.A. Jacques, T.P. Lyons, D. R. Kelsall

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Grain handling: a critical aspect of distillery operation 33 Chapter 4 Grain handling: a critical aspect of distillery operation DAVID J. , Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA Introduction Until recently, sanitation in grain handling has been basically ignored by the distilling industry, except for those engaged in beverage alcohol production. Now that we have begun to discuss and accept the ‘Biorefinery’ concept, we are forced to realize that a good sanitation program and procedures are essential to the bottom line.

F. Power called saccharification, glucoamylase hydrolyzes the oligosaccharides or dextrins into free glucose subunits. Fungal enzymes are normally employed to effect saccharification and these operate at a lower pH and temperature range than α-amylase. Depending on the industry and process involved, one sometimes encounters additional enzymes, such as pullulanase, which is added as a debranching enzyme to improve the glucose yield. Despite the intricate nature of enzyme nomenclature and the rather strict reaction conditions which must be adhered to in order to achieve maximal enzyme performance, their purpose is very simple: to provide fuel to yeast for the biosynthesis of ethanol.

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