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Aging and Life-Prolonging Processes by Prof. Dr. Vladimir Veniaminovich Frolkis (auth.)

By Prof. Dr. Vladimir Veniaminovich Frolkis (auth.)

There is an Inca incantation which said stated approximately: "Lord, provide me religious peace in order that i will acquiesce to what i can't swap, supply me braveness in order that i will be able to swap what i will switch, and provides me knowledge in order that i will distinguish one from the opposite. " evidently, this incantation could be usually repeated via any gerontologist, because it is particularly tough to tell apart getting older from the methods which complement the organism's viability, getting older from illnesses, and the mechanisms of getting older in a variety of species of animals. in keeping with N. surprise, who compiled a necessary bibliography of the works on getting older, greater than 43,000 works on gerontology were released within the final decade. Why will we proceed to disagree with each other and carry that crucial mechanisms are nonetheless mostly unknown to us inspite of that circulation of data and a big variety of proof? what's it that we don't comprehend? may perhaps it's that we don't understand the only real sacramental truth which may clarify every thing, akin to the hormone of getting older, the programmed triggering of a suicide gene, the looks of a different poisonous agent within the axoplasmic stream of gear, etc? Goethe as soon as wrote scientist traditionally holds convinced elements, yet regrettably he lacks their sacred link.

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31 flg 02/mg of dry tissue per hour). Patel (1977) has shown that less glucose is utilized by the brain in old age. The usage of various substrates is redistributed with age. Moreover, the potentialities of the system of tissue respiration are reduced and some of its mechanisms are mobilized in the initial state in old age. Hence, hypoxic states develop during intense activity and the range of tissue respiration becomes limited when substrates and hormones are given. According to Parmacek and others (1979), the intracellular utilization of oxygen becomes inadequate in old animals when the load on the energy supply system increases.

An important fact is that great structural changes in neurons are observed in higher and lower animals with different life spans. This confirms their direct link with the chief mechanisms of aging. Metabolic shifts are the basis of the change in the structure and functions of the brain during aging. Blood circulation in the brain strongly influences its metabolism. , 1979). Fujishima and Omae (1980) have shown that the average time which is needed for blood to pass through the brain greatly Fig.

E. the brain development level and the viability enhancement mechanisms which are apparently connected with it determine the life span of a species to a certain extent. This correlation would even be greater if the objective criteria of reliability, or durability, of the mechanisms of neurohumoral self-regulation were found. 77. The coefficient of the correlation between the life span and the brain mass is greater than that between the life span and the mass of the liver or the adrenal glands. The coefficient of the correlation between the life span and the brain mass is greater in primates than in rodents, carnivores and ungulates.

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