Adverbial Clauses in Mandarin Chinese: A Corpus-based Study by May Lai-Ying Wong

By May Lai-Ying Wong

What are adverbial clauses in chinese language? Do all of them have matters as their opposite numbers do in English? How do the semantic domain names of adverbial clauses have interaction with the distribution of topics? How do chinese language corpora support us discover those interesting questions?
the purpose of this research is to illustrate the usefulness of corpus linguistics as a strategy in grammar experiences. A problem-oriented tagging strategy has been used to allow the exploration of adverbial clauses within the corpus and to spot 11 semantically dependent periods of adverbial clauses. whereas it's a famous indisputable fact that chinese language adverbial clauses (CACs) are brazenly marked by means of a subordinating conjunction, their topics might be left unexpressed and recovered within the previous discourse. via analysing certainly taking place spoken and written samples from a number of corpora, the writer examines this fascinating phenomenon of overt and non-overt matters in adverbial clauses.

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In Chinese, many characters may have their own meaning but they cannot stand alone (Norman, 1988: 154–156). They have to be combined with another character or word in the word formation process. Therefore, an adjective morpheme, resembling a common adjective semantically, is a morpheme signifying an attributive meaning to the word to which it is attached. It refers to those adjectives functioning as adverbial without any modification to their morphological or phonological form. It refers to those adjectives which can fulfil nominal functions in a clause.

The Lancaster/IBM treebank built upon the work carried out on its precursors, the Lancaster-Leeds Treebank (Lang, 1989; Edwards, 1993: 298) and the LOB Corpus Treebank (Sampson, 1987: 83–84). One of the major innovations of the Lancaster/IBM treebank was the skeleton parsing approach (see Garside and McEnery, 1993). The simplicity of skeleton parsing not only expedites the process of treebank compilation, it also reduces the intellectual complexity of the task of parsing for human analysts, thereby minimising inconsistencies and inaccuracies in treebanking practice.

However, for the purposes of my research, two minor modifications were made. Firstly, an “underscore” was used to replace the original “slash” placed between a word and its tag so as to make the corpus more compatible with standard corpora, for example, the British National Corpus (Aston and Burnard, 1998). , 2002). This process broke the corpus into 278 separate files. 1), every word in the PFR corpus is partof-speech tagged. These part-of-speech tags are useful in those studies in which words of a particular word class are closely examined.

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