Adiabatic Expansion in Case of Vanishing Increments by Barus C.

By Barus C.

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26 Recording Studio Design Belendiuk and Butler5 concluded from their experiments with 45 subjects that ‘there exists a pattern of spectral cues for median sagittal plane positioned sounds common to all listeners’. In order to prove this hypothesis, they conducted an experiment in which sounds were emitted from different, numbered, loudspeakers, and the listeners were asked to say from which loudspeaker the sound was emanating. They then made binaural recordings via moulds of the actual outer ears of four listeners, and asked them to repeat the test, via headphones, of the recordings made using their own pinnae.

The same principle applies to recording studios. A hugely expensive, physically large mixing console, with large flat surfaces will tend to dominate the acoustic response of a small control room. In such situations, even when using the flattest monitors available, there is little chance of achieving a flat response at the listening position(s) in a small room. When studio equipment outgrows the rooms as the studio expands, the results usually suffer. Studios should also be well ventilated, with good stability of temperature and humidity, otherwise musicians can become uncomfortable and instruments can vary in their tuning.

Circumference = 2 π × radius). 3° approximately whole cycle of a sine wave, hence any point on the sine wave can be related to its positive or negative pressure in terms of the degrees of rotation of the wheel which would be necessary to reach that point. One cycle can therefore be described as having a 360° phase rotation. The direction of the arrow at any given instant would show the phase angle, and the displacement of the arrowhead to the right or to the left of the central axle of the wheel would relate to the positive or negative pressures, respectively.

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