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Abkhaz: A Comprehensive Self-Tutor by George Hewitt

By George Hewitt

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Pages from Abkhazian Folklore. Sukhum: Academy Press. Dzhap’ wa, Z. ) 2001. H. N. Genko)]. A q w ’ a: Academy Press. Dzhanashia, B. 1954. apxazur-kartuli leksik’oni [Abkhaz-Georgian Dictionary]. Tbilisi: Mecniereba. N. 1998. Abxazsko-russkij slovar' [Abkhaz-Russian Dictionary]. Sukhum: Alashara. G. 1979. K. Khiba). Amsterdam: North Holland. Since published by Croom Helm and also Routledge. G. 1995. A suggestion for Romanizing the Abkhaz alphabet (based on Monika HOhlig's Adighe Alfabet), in BSOAS, LVU1, 334-340.

G. V. ) Tipologija i teorija jazyka. Ot opisanija k objasneniju. K 60-letiju Aleksandra Evgenjevicha Kibrika [Typology and Linguistic Theory. From Description lo Explanation. E. K ibrik], 613-621. Moscow: Jazyki Russkoj Kul'tury. G. 2005. Abkhazian Folktales (with grammatical introduction, translation, notes, and vocabulary). Miinchen: Lincom. G. K. 1998. An Abkhaz Newspaper Reader (with supplements). Kensington (Maryland): Dunwoody Press. Hohlig, M. 1983. Adighe Alfabet. Berlin. 2nd cd. with Turkish and English glosses, 1990.

G. '(the) 100 boys' = шәаы ҷкәынцәа '((he) 100 big boys' - шәаы ҷкәын(цәа) д(ы)уцәа / шәаы ҷкзынцәа д(ы)уқза But the cardinal is not always written in full as a separate word. e. minus any suffix -6 a; if the noun is human, there is more flexibility over ihe use with the cardinal root o f the human classifier -аы, but the higher the cardinal, the more likely it seems that this clement w ill be present) is prefixed to (he noun and usually written with a hyphen. The noun usually stands in the singular (necessarily so for non-human nouns, but the human pluraliser -цәа seems more likely to be present 14The pluraliser on the noun in these last three examples less likely lo appear bccausc, no doubt, o f ihe double indication o f plurality in the pluraliser on the adjective and in the prcscncc o f the cardinal within the NP.

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