Worship Devotion

Abba Calling. Hearing From the Father's Heart Everyday of by Charles Slagle

By Charles Slagle

Letters from God

Daily affirmations of wish and encouragement so that you can face all of the demanding situations which are a part of daily living.

 "If an individual wishes you to prevail, I do. If somebody is in your aspect, i'm. there's no yet one more dedicated on your happiness than I, and not anyone even starts to like you love I do."

-Excerpt from Abba Calling

Hundreds of customized letters from God maintain you in contact along with his techniques and emotions for you. Your lifestyles becomes a candy and cheerful position to be—wrapped on your heavenly Father's arms.

Savor a number of moments every day within the Father's presence whereas He speaks on to your middle, as you chill out on your Father's presence, those phrases will convenience, inspire, and encourage you along with his love. The dwelling notice of God will penetrate your middle, contact your soul, and renew your spirit. Come, sit down and pay attention as Abba Father stocks his ardour for you!

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How can anyone who knows anything about Jesus (who perfectly reflected My nature) portray Me as spiteful and ill-tempered? That fault-finding god of hard-line religion may be many things, but he could never be Jesus or Me. Can you imagine such a neurotic, pompous deity dying for his creatures? Hardly. A god so devoid of common decency and good sense could neither love nor give, and he certainly would lack the ability to create anything. Child, that silly god-version could not so much as create a molecule, let alone sustain a universe!

I look at the heart. Don’t you remember? I see all. In fact, I can see no other way. All is all I ever see. So how can One who sees everything at all times ever worry about anything at any time? I thought you’d enjoy the reminder. Love, Dad Day 23Ephesians 4:1-6 Racing Restorer, Remember! I work over all, through all, and in all. When you slam doors and mutter and stomp, who are you raging against? Don’t plunge into guilt. Just stop! Please, Abba Day 24Daniel 11:32; Philippians 4:13 Child, Being safe is hardly a worthwhile goal to seek.

If you will, I think you’ll find your questions already answered. And never mind the apologies. You’ve not disillusioned Me. How could you? I never had any illusions. And what makes you think I have given up on you? That nonsense never crosses My mind except when you bring it up yourself. Has it ever occurred to you how your even thinking I would cuts Me to the heart? Child, your reluctance to trust My integrity hurts far more than any sin arising from the weakness of your flesh. One day when you truly know Me and realize how much I care for you, you will also discover My strength has swallowed up your weakness.

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