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A Thousand Tomorrows & Just Beyond The Clouds Omnibus (Cody by Karen Kingsbury

By Karen Kingsbury

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Acknowledgments Novels do not come together without a great deal of help. For that reason, I’d like to thank several people who helped make A Thousand Tomorrows possible. First, a special thanks to Maureen Egen and Rolf Zettersten for taking me under your wing at Center Street and believing that maybe the whole world needed to know about this story. Your encouragement and faith in me have made all the difference. I appreciate you more than you know. Also, a thanks to my other friends at Center Street, especially my editor, Leslie Peterson, and my publicist, Andrea Davis.

Worse, his mother was entertaining the possibility. Adrenaline mixed with fury and ran hot through Cody’s veins. He wanted to put his fist through the locker door, but he held back. Save it for the bull, Gunner. Save it for the bull. His eyes flew open. He stood, grabbed his rope, and headed down the tunnel. The barrel racers were competing. He climbed a fence so he could stretch and watch at the same time. Over the loudspeaker the announcer was introducing the next ride. “Ali Daniels is up, riding her longtime horse, Ace.

Cody put his arm around Carl Joseph’s shoulders and gave him a sideways hug. Carl Joseph let out a whooping victory cry. He slid from Cody’s grasp, marched his feet up and down and moved in a tight winner’s circle around Cody. His arms punched at invisible targets. “Bull riding! ” As Cody watched Carl Joseph that familiar fierce protection reared up in his heart. Once, a few years after their father left, a kid in his class pointed at Cody and laughed. “His brother’s a retard! ” Never mind that the kids were taking a spelling test.

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