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A Search for Solitude: Pursuing the Monk's True LifeThe by Thomas Merton

By Thomas Merton

The 3rd quantity of Thomas Merton's journals chronicles Merton's makes an attempt to reconcile his hope for solitude and contemplation with the calls for of his new-found star prestige in the strictures of traditional monastic life.

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TOMORROW:QUINQUAGESIMA At the end of the Epistle St. Paul says “I shall know even as I have been known” [1 Corinthians 13:12]. In the Gospel: the blind man hears the crowd passing by and asks who is passing, calls out to Jesus, is rebuked by the disciples, calls out louder still, catches the Lord’s attention so that Jesus asks him what he wants. ” [Mark 10:51]. He receives his sight, knows as he has been known, and follows Jesus glorifying God. And Christ goes on his way with His face turned towards Jerusalem, ascending to His passion.

Fr. Tarcisius looked about with such reverence you would have thought he was seeing angels. Later we separated to pray apart in the thinned pine grove on the south eastern hillside. 28 And I could see how simple it is to find God in solitude. There is no one else, nothing else. He is all there is to find there. Everything is in Him. And what could be more pleasing to Him than that we should leave all things and all company to be with Him and think only of Him and know Him alone, in order to give Him our love?

This choice was the action of God. Vocation. All the succession of the Apostles, in a less perfect sense, continues this testimony. Our testimony is the Mass itself: not only a sign or token of the sacrifice of Christ, but the representation, the renewal of that sacrifice. The priest bears witness to the resurrection by holding in his hands the Risen Christ–high over his head for all the people to see. And none of us see, except by faith. Faith itself is the light of the Resurrection, our sharing of the Resurrection.

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