A business guide to information security: how to protect by Calder A.

By Calder A.

* very important analyzing for all these serious about conserving their businesses from malicious and criminality, division managers to CXOs and threat managers

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Register for the newsletter on: http://www. mspx. com) page, click Downloads and arrange to have any identified updates installed. These are less important than Windows updates and patches. 4. Have an up-to-date firewall a) b) A firewall is essential for any computer – and needs to be either on the network gateway, or on the computer – and, in certain situations, on both. Of course, you can’t think why anyone should attack your machine – but it’s the automated hacks (see automated hacking scripts) that will do the damage – who wants their computer to be a part-time member of a massive zombie network used for distributed denial of 30 A business guide to information security service attacks, spam distribution or illegal data storing?

Such a set of basic principles is contained in the SOHO Internet Highway Code. THE 10 RULES OF THE SOHO INTERNET HIGHWAY CODE 1. 2. Safeguard your computer. Use strong passwords and a screensaver. 24 A business guide to information security 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Update and patch your operating system. Have an up-to-date firewall. Have up-to-date anti-virus software. Act anti-spam. Use up-to-date anti-spyware/adware tools. Be sensible – don’t take unnecessary risks. Back it up. Fix problems as soon as they arise.

It would be sensible to ensure, before you start any downloads, that your telephone access will not be interrupted until you have finished the download and you might need to consider, if you don’t have a broadband or ISDN connection, having Microsoft mail very big updates (service packs, for instance) to you on a CD ROM – or you may be online for an expensive few hours while the download runs its course. d) Once you know that your computer is running a fully updated version of the operating system, keep it that way.

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