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50 Shades of Light by Jody Burks, Susan Neese

By Jody Burks, Susan Neese

In the midst of our smooth tradition it truly is tricky to discover refreshment for the soul. we're always being bombarded with distractions that seem to be enjoyable, simply to discover they accentuate the starvation. have you ever skilled the sunshine of the Lord? Do you even recognize the place to seem? Will you permit the Lord to gentle that candle He has positioned on your center?

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Psalm 4:6 (ESV) As a child I was not so very adept at praying to God. I had two standard prayers I used: the One many of us know as “Now I lay me down to sleep,” and my mealtime prayer – “God is good. God is great, and we thank Him for this food. ” Little did I know what a profound truth is found in this child’s prayer. God is indeed good. The Scriptures tell us that every good thing comes from God. Don’t you love it when the Word of God uses words like “all” or “every”? It leaves no room for debate.

Fear sets in and causes judgment to be marred, and the darkness only becomes thicker. We so need to cry out to our Savior at these times in our lives. We need to ask our Sovereign Lord to bring His flashlight to lead us back to the comfort of His brilliant light. He so wants to lead us out of the darkness that hovers in the woods. Our Lord desires that we bask in the warmth of His pure light and walk in peace as His children. He shows us the lighted path. We just have to choose to walk it. We need to look for that light and then focus on it solely and head right back to camp.

The effect of this is growing in the holiness in which we are exhorted to walk. Another result of the Holy Spirit “cleaning out our closets” is that the dark recesses that are exposed, can be replaced with His light. The more light in our soul, the brighter the light we shine for Christ. We should quit trying to hide from God. It didn’t work for Adam and Eve, and it won’t work for us. To be humble is to see oneself as he/she truly is. Let’s get real with God, not fearing what the Light may reveal, but humbly coming before His Presence baring our very souls.

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