Tutankhamun: The Life and Death of a Pharaoh (DK Discovery Guides)

By David Murdoch

Dramatic "eyewitness" debts, bright story-telling, attractive images, pull-out info and exploded perspectives convey key old occasions to existence during this intriguing new sequence.

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He may use them for actions resembling following the voyage of the solar and looking within the Nile marshes. • some of the most strange treasures is a lock of hair from Tutankhamun’s grandmother, Queen Tiye. • The gold within the loss of life masks is worthy approximately £64,000 (US $105,500) at today’s gold costs. • Wrapping up the treasures from the antechamber on my own, took 1. 6 km (1 mile) of cotton wadding. • humans proposal that clearing the tomb could take months. in truth, there have been such a lot of treasures that it took Carter’s workforce 10 years.

It contained the king’s inner organs, which have been faraway from his physique in the course of embalming. female family member cover over mummy River Nile at the west financial institution of the Nile, every person bought out of the boats and the procession re-formed to make the gradual trip around the desolate tract to the tomb. within the warmth and dirt, the useless king’s mummy, on its sled, used to be dragged alongside to the cries of wailing mourners. THE COFFIN the mother within its Boat-shaped bier 3 coffins used to be put on a bier (coffin platform) within the form of ANKHESENAMUN a ship.

Hundreds of thousands extra humans world wide have obvious the treasures, because of the fabulous traveling exhibitions that happened within the Nineteen Sixties and Nineteen Seventies. wood face and physique 1928 1929 1930 30 OCTOBER 1927 paintings begun IN ANNEXE 10 1931 NOVEMBER 1930 final gadgets faraway from TOMB forty seven 1932 SPRING 1932 final goods despatched TO CAIRO Discovery sequence Index 216mm x 276mm Index A adze, 28, 31 afterlife, 29, 31, 38–39 Akhenaten, eight, 33, 42–43 Amun, 38, forty three ankh image, forty three Ankhesenamun, eight, 29, 31, 32, 42–43 annexe, 22–23 anointing, forty five antechamber, 16–17 Anubis, 20–21, 29, 32, 38, 44–45 archaeological digs, 10–11, 37 archaeologists, nine, 46–47 military, forty Aten, 33, forty three Ay, eight, 28–31, forty, 42–43 B ba, forty four bandaging the mum, 24–25, 28, forty five beds, 7, 23 blue crown, forty-one ebook of the useless, 18, 25 mind, elimination of, forty three, forty four burial chamber, 18–19 burial pits, 10–11 Burton, Harry, eight, 12, 24, forty six C Cairo Museum, forty seven Callender, Arthur, nine, thirteen, 15, sixteen candle attempt, 15 united kingdom front to the tomb, 15 Evelyn, girl , nine, thirteen, 15, sixteen canopic jars, 20, forty five canopic organs, 20–21, 44–45 canopic shrine, 20–21, 28 Carnarvon, Lord, nine, thirteen, 15, sixteen, 23 Carter, Howard discovers tomb, 12–13 early paintings, 10–11 existence, nine paintings on tomb, 12–25, 46–47 cataracts, 37 chariots, sixteen, forty, forty six chippings, 12, 14–15 cobra goddess, 25, forty-one coffins, 18, 25, 28–31, forty five, forty six hall of tomb, 14–15 couches, 6, 16–17, 29, forty six craftsmen, eight, 28 criminal and flail, 25, 39, 40–41 crowns, forty-one curse, the, 23 D Davis, Theodore, 10–11 demise masks, 18, 24, 33, forty five Derry, Douglas, 24–25 djed pillar, 19, 39 double crown, forty-one E El-Armana, 36, 42–43 embalmers, 27, 44–45 embalming, 44–45 F farmers, 35, 36 “field of reeds”, 39 nutrition, 23 funeral barge 27 funeral procession, 28–31 funerals, 28–31, 44–45 G gesso, forty seven girdle of Isis, 39 gods and goddesses, 38–39 gold, sixteen, 18, 25, 33, 37 golden shrine, 32 Gould, Jay, 23 parent statues, 16–17, 30, forty seven H corridor of Judgement, 38–39, forty four Hathor, 29, 37 head of Tutankhamun, 14 middle, 38, forty four Herodotus, 37, forty five hieroglyphs, 37 Horemheb, eight, forty two Horus, 32, 38–39 IJK inscriptions, 37 Isis, 21, 26, 38–39 jewelry, 25, 33 newshounds, 15, forty six ka, 17, 19, forty four kites, 29, 38 L laboratory tomb, 17, 46–47 legislation, forty Acknowledgments c=centre; t=top; b=bottom; l=left; r=right; a=above Dorling Kindersley wish to thank: Venice Shone and Peter Radcliffe for layout support; Angela Koo for examine; Lee Thompson for photo study.

Utilizing strips of linen, first the pinnacle, then every one toe and finger, then the legs and arms, and eventually the trunk have been painstakingly wrapped. The bandages have been stored tight and lined with resin to stiffen them. used to be coated with a masks. This was once a portrait of the lifeless individual, which might aid the ba spirit to acknowledge its physique. usual humans had mask made up of cartonnage, a mixture of linen or plaster stiffened with resin. Bag of natron Canopic jars Natron was once a mix of salts, together with sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate.

Following barges moment barge First barge most folk clambered into the rest boats and in the back of. the mum, Ay, and girls family went within the moment boat. within the first barge have been the mourners, wailing and tearing their hair. Discovery sequence Gatefold 206mm-211mm-211mm-206mm x 276mm united kingdom the adventure TO THE TOMB Riv er Ni le Thebes Valley of the Kings each EGYPTIAN desired to HAVE a formal funeral, simply because they believed it used to be crucial for the future health of the soul within the afterlife.

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