The Way Hollywood Tells It: Story and Style in Modern Movies

By David Bordwell

Hollywood moviemaking is among the constants of yankee existence, yet how a lot has it replaced because the glory days of the massive studios? David Bordwell argues that the rules of visible storytelling created within the studio period are alive and good, even in today’s bloated blockbusters. American filmmakers have created a sturdy tradition—one that we must always now not be ashamed to name creative, and one who survives in either mainstream leisure and niche-marketed indie cinema. Bordwell lines the continuity of this practice in a wide range of movies made seeing that 1960, from romantic comedies like Jerry Maguire and Love really to extra enforcing efforts like A appealing Mind. He additionally attracts upon testimony from writers, administrators, and editors who're acutely aware of using confirmed rules of plot and visible variety. in the limits of the “classical” technique, innovation can flourish. Bordwell examines how resourceful filmmakers have driven the premises of the method in movies comparable to JFK, Memento, and Magnolia. He discusses generational, technological, and financial elements resulting in balance and alter in Hollywood cinema and comprises shut analyses of chosen pictures and sequences. because it levels throughout 4 a long time, studying classics like American Graffiti and The Godfather in addition to contemporary luck like The Lord of the earrings: the 2 Towers, this booklet offers a vibrant and interesting interpretation of ways Hollywood moviemakers have created a full of life, imaginitive culture of cinematic storytelling that maintains to interact audiences round the world.

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147. Rex Weiner, “Actioners converse Louder than Words,” style (October 16–22, 1995): eleven. 148. On Hong Kong’s movement to Hollywood-style motion photos, see Bordwell, Planet Hong Kong, 208. Rick Richardson discusses the genre’s luck in Poland in “Auds Line Up for family motion Pix,” type (July 28–August three, 1997): 35, forty four. 149. the one different style that comprises such a lot of specific and particular principles would appear to be romantic comedy, as printed beat-by-beat within the first-class handbook via Mernit, Writing the Romantic Comedy.

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A hundred twenty five, 142, 182 Forman, Milos, 127 Forrest Gump (1994), fifty one Galaxy Quest (1999), 12 forty eight HRS (1982), 104 the sport (1997), seventy four, eighty 40 weapons (1957), 134 video games: on-line, 254n86; video, seventy four, 108, forty second highway (1933), 22 265n80 Fosse, Bob, 127 Gance, Abel, 137, a hundred forty five Foster, Jodie, 153 “gangbanging” the movie, 156 Foul Play (1978), 122 gangster movies, 23, 25, eighty five 4 Feathers (1939), fifty five Gattaca (1997), 151 The four hundred Blows (U. S. unlock 1959), 137 the final (1927), 108 four-part constitution, 35–42, sixty four, eighty, common Electric/NBC’s common 109–10, 111, 251–52nn55,57.

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