The Twisted Tale of Tiki Island (Give Yourself Goosebumps, No 21)

By R. L. Stine

Readers are positioned within the personality of a tourist at South Pacific Island's fright fest, the place a gang of historical Tiki warriors and a workforce of pirate skeletons are the least of the dreaded natives. Original."

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They’re petrified of the masks! ” Run to web page ninety six. The volcano’s rumbling grows louder. You watch the journey advisor. Why is each person working other than her? you ask yourself. you switch towards Gina. Her face is white with worry. You seize her sleeve as she starts off to run. “Wait,” you urge her. You pull Gina at the back of a thick clump of timber. you set a finger for your lips. She nods. The journey advisor pushes apart a shrub. She yanks out a tape recorder and shuts it off. immediately, the mountain stops rumbling. “It labored! ” she calls. “The volcano recording apprehensive them away.

Make up your brain! if you happen to swim towards the collapse the reef, visit web page 111. in the event you dive for the glowing spearhead, flip to web page forty. “I’m watching for a proof, you little brat! ” Dr. Oates bellows. His loud voice wakens Gina. “What’s happening? ” she cries. You frantically seek your wallet. “It’s long past! ” you wail. “I’ve misplaced the stone piece! ” “Get out of right here! ” Dr. Oates shouts. “And don’t hassle me back! ” You and Gina take off. You dart during the archaeological dig. You journey and stumble throughout the jungle, all of the solution to the lodge.

You came across me! ” Gina exclaims. “You might remorse it,” the faux skeleton with the whip grunts. “Okay, you nosy kids,” he maintains. “So you desired to do a little exploring, eh? you'll have give up for those who stumbled on the shipwreck. you'll have settled for a couple of crummy gold cash and long gone again to the place you got here from. You don’t rather imagine we’re going to percentage the diamonds with you, do you? ” “We didn’t even be aware of the diamonds have been here,” you sputter. “We don’t wish them. We simply are looking to come back to the Tiki lodge.

They definite don’t make it effortless to get there! ” you grumble, tripping on a root. you ultimately achieve the archaeological web site. You ask yourself how to define Dr. Oates. You procedure a tender guy who's tying a string round a staked-out sq. of earth. “Excuse us,” you start. “Can you let us know the place to discover Dr. Oates? ” “That’s him,” he tells you, pointing to a small, scruffy-looking guy in khakis and a safari hat. Dr. Oates is yelling at a employee in a language you can’t comprehend. the employee turns out scared. Dr. Oates doesn’t appear very pleasant.

There’s without doubt approximately it. The screaming skeleton beside you is your cousin! She has develop into certainly one of them. and shortly you’ll be one in every of them, too. “The spell of the crimson crystals constantly works that way,” the Captain cackles. “Anyone who remains too lengthy within the glow of the crystal joins us. It’s a while now. ” Gina lays a bony arm round you. “Cheer up,” she tells you. “We sought after this holiday to final endlessly. Now it's going to. ” the tip You look down from the rocky rim of the small pool on the most sensible of the steps.

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