The Lost Island

By Tedrick Hernandez


Tedrick Hernandez is a typical fifteen-year-old teen who desires not anything yet a relaxed and enjoyable existence. regrettably, he wasn’t so basic from the opposite childrens in his age. He inspiration he used to be going to be general and mediocre, just like the different kids—but no, he needed to play an enormous function in a mysterious island hidden a long way, distant. Will he have the capacity to continue to exist the unforeseen occasions that come crashing at him? Will he be capable of retailer the island from its approaching terrors?

Join Tedrick and his partners as they try to profit the misplaced Island’s private secrets and techniques, or even in all likelihood put it aside from its inevitable doom. Will they be triumphant, or will they die in useless? learn “The misplaced Island”, the 1st ever story within the Quêtes Extraordinaires.

(This is a port of its unique Wattpad model with an identical identify and through a similar author.)

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Who understands how it’ll prove? After speaking, the six people walked our method in the direction of the citadel sq. and ate our breakfast. Lisa and Hambric left early to visit the fortress details middle, and the 4 folks made up our minds to stick a bit extra on the eating desk. “I… ” Sam lined his mouth as he yawned. “I need to know what the aim of the excursion is. ” “This is the fourth excursion this yr, and that i imagine it’s the 1st time that it’ll be on hand for public registration. ” Charlize answered.

I admire her as a pal. ” “I understand what you men did in that clinical tent. ” “Wha—never brain that. ” She easily checked out my eyes, and at a peculiar example, I had a sense that she was once scanning my emotions—whether i used to be mendacity or now not. After a number of seconds of natural silence, she ultimately spoke. “Well, turns out effective to me… i assume. ” she remarked. “Anyway, I nonetheless need to seize a few fish for the Elite Guild. ” “Why stay awake? ” “Are you kidding me? Mystical Goddesses by no means sleep. ” she spoke back. “That’s why such a lot Mystical Goddesses surrender their task early—they’re continually within the breaking point of exhaustion simply because rather than dozing at evening, they’re tasked to do convinced stuff; like fishing for nutrition.

Yet no, i will be able to finish this. I became my again and rose dad’s fishing rod. Striker seemed alarmed and stopped in his tracks, “Kid, what are you doing?! have you ever long past insane?! ” “Well, there’s no approach that I’m gonna die operating like a coward,” I bravely stood up, “and I’d really get killed in a struggle. ” “You’ve by no means been right into a actual struggle prior to! ” he said—and I forgot that he didn’t see me scuffling with with the outdated woman. “Stop that and proceed working! ” I missed his good phrases. I held the fishing rod with either one of my palms, sweaty and twitching in anxiety.

Are you humans idiots? ” Silver requested. The flames of his sword looked as if it would develop greater and extra robust. “Tedrick is authorized to take advantage of his susceptible enchanted flames skill, yet I’m now not? That’s unfair, so if you’ll excuse me, I nonetheless have an fool to kill. ” He slowly walked in the direction of me. He looks having fun with as he watched my glance of horror. After an test of being mad, the Morphal-Wave’s blue flames bursted up back. He landed one other assault up above me, and that i parried it utilizing my sword. The flames of the Morphal-Wave flickered a piece and altered from blue to orange—but the flames on his sword remained poisonous black.

Total, the Morph appeared like a black upgraded lion that could shoot flames far and wide. evidently, now not my favourite Morph. “Tedrick, use your flaming skill! ” Mary shouted as she spotted the lion monster getting closer and closer. “A Chimera! Its basic weak spot is hearth! ” “Chimera? ” I stubbornly requested. “That lion with a serpent for its tail? the only with wings—” “Just do what I say! ” I visualized brilliant azure flames forming round the Morphal-Wave, overlaying it with severe power—but panic overtook me.

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