The Last Hope (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, Book 6)

By Erin Hunter

The top of the celebrities attracts close to. 3 needs to turn into 4 to conflict the darkness that lasts perpetually. . . .

After numerous moons of treachery, Tigerstar's darkish wooded area apprentices are able to lay siege upon the warrior Clans. As Jayfeather, Dovewing, and Lionblaze organize to steer their Clanmates into conflict, they watch for the coming of the mysterious fourth warrior who's prophesied to assist lead the Clans to glory.

The darkest hour the Clans have ever confronted has dawned. Hopes can be shattered and heroes will upward thrust because the warriors struggle for his or her very survival.

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He padded earlier Daisy and glued his head inside of. “My bad kits! ” Brightheart used to be in her nest, curled round 3 squirming scraps of fur. Cloudtail crouched beside her, his pelt ruffled. Lilykit and Seedkit sat at the fringe of their nest, chins excessive. “We’ll shield them,” Seedkit declared. “You’ll remain hidden on your nests,” Lionblaze ordered. He grew to become to Cloudtail. “Join your Clanmates. I’ll train Brightheart the right way to safeguard Snowkit, Amberkit, and Dewkit. ” As Cloudtail slid out, Lionblaze hopped prior him.

Lionblaze have been her mentor. He used to be one of many most powerful, bravest warriors in ThunderClan. Why did he appear so misplaced? “I’ll so long, then? ” “Okay. ” Lionblaze didn’t examine her. She trotted into the timber, snatching a look over her shoulder, wishing he’d stick with. yet he stayed the place he used to be. She leaped a small flow and driven deeper into the woodland, soothed by means of the colour and relishing the musty scents of nettle and fern. the 1st fallen leaves of the season specked the woodland ground. definitely Ivypool was once the fourth cat?

Yet Firestar is a noble warrior. ” “Firestar desires to rule all of the Clans. He continually has. ” They have been fearful of him! Dovewing twitched, stunned. yet he’s your final desire! Blackstar emerged from the grass. Littlecloud padded after him, chin excessive. The ShadowClan leader’s gaze narrowed while he observed Lionblaze. “Why have you ever introduced warriors? ” Firestar wrapped his tail over his paws. “I’ll clarify whilst Mistystar will get right here. ” Blackstar glanced over his shoulder on the trembling grass. Mistystar padded out, top Willowshine.

Molepaw and Cherrypaw can acquire a few after they come again. i want you operating right here. ” “Really? ” surprise sparked from Leafpool’s pelt. “You have as a lot adventure as me,” Jayfeather advised her. “It’d be dumb to not use you. You acknowledged it yourself—there are going to be loads of injured warriors. I’ll want you to aid deal with them. ” “B-but what approximately StarClan? ” Leafpool stuttered. “They informed me i used to be not a medication cat. ” Jayfeather growled. “Things have replaced, Leafpool. we need to do what we predict is correct for the extended family.

Dovewing held her breath. Firestar whispered in Graystripe’s ear, then silent as an owl, flicked his tail a technique, then the opposite, ordering the patrol to separate in . Dovewing shuffled towards Graystripe and located herself squeezed among Cloudtail and Snowbird. The ShadowClan she-cat smelled like pinesap, her fur glossy and the muscle mass underneath it like stone. Firestar nodded Graystripe towards the slope that rotated one aspect of the hole. Then he padded to the slope contrary, beckoning his 1/2 the patrol to stick with.

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