The History of the Jewish People in the Age of Jesus Christ: 175 B.C. to A.D. 135, Volume 1 (New Revised English Edition)

By Emil Schürer

Severe presentation of the entire proof relating Jewish historical past, associations, and literature from one hundred seventy five BC to advert a hundred thirty five; with up to date bibliographies.

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J. vi four, four (248); TO etao) iepov B. J. vi 2, 7 (150); T O eaoidev iepov B. J. v i four, i (220), i. e. , the forecourt in t h e actual and strict experience, to which IsraeUtes, yet no longer gentiles, had entry. Cf. additionally vol. I I , § 24 iii, i v . 7. Cf. additionally Jos. Ant. x x 10, three (237) and p. 1 7 zero above. eight. I Mac. 9:57; Jos. Ant. xiii i, five (22). nine. I Mac. 9:57-72; Jos. Ant. xiii 1, five or six (22-23). On Beth Bassi, see Abel, Gdog. friend. II, p. 269. §6. Jonathan 177 to have led to an expanding assumption of strength by means of Jonathan. As i Maccabees comments laconically of the subsequent 5 years, The sword now not hung over Israel, and Jonathan settled in Michtnash, the place he started to pass judgement on the folks and to rid Israel of the god­ less'.

Cf. regularly A. Kuhn, Beitrage zur Geschichte der Seleukiden, (1891), 14 ff. ; Bellinger, op. cit. , pp. 6 four - 6 , and Excursus I, 'The Coinage of the W^ars of the Brothers' (pp. eight 7 - nine 1 ) . Antiochus I X Cyzicenus ( 1 1 three - nine five B. C. ) Antiochus V I I I Grypus ( 1 1 1 - nine 6 B. C. ) F o r t w o years Cyzicenus w a s sole mler, b u t in i i i B. C. , G r y p u s again a n d seized t h e larger half o f S y r i a from his cousin. Cyzicenus retained merely Coele-Sjnia (Porphyry in E u s e b . Chron. I, c o l .

B. J. iv nine, nine (551), in t h e neighbourhood of Bethel; in line with Euseb. Onomast. ed. Klostermann, p. 86, twenty Roman miles north of Jerusalem (/fat ecm vvv Kcofir) 'EjtpaAjj, ixeyiaTT] Trepl ra. /Sopeia AlXias ws diro

Vincent, L. -H. , Stdve, A. -M. , Jerusalem de I'Ancien testomony l-ll and PI. (1954-6). Avi-Yonah, M. (ed. ), Sepher Yerushalayim [The booklet of Jerusalem) I (1956) (Hebrew). Kenyon, okay . , Jerusalem: Excavating 3000 Years of background (1967). Aviram, J . (ed. ), Jerusalem throughout the a long time (1968) (mostly Hebrew). Shiloh, Y. , 'A desk of the most important Excavations i n Jerusalem', Qadmoniot 1 (1968), pp. 7 1 - eight (Hebrew). grey, J . , A historical past of Jerusalem (1969). For Jewish lifestyles in biblical and inter-Testamental Palestine see: Vaux, R.

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