The Changing Face of European Identity: A Seven-Nation Study of (Supra)National Attachments (Routledge Advances in European Politics)

Drawing upon systematic learn utilizing Q method in seven nations - Denmark, France, Germany, the uk, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden - this quantity provides the result of the main huge attempt but at cross-cultural, subjective evaluate of nationwide and supranational identification. The reports try to clarify how the ecu Union, because the so much seen test in mass nationwide identification switch within the modern international, impacts how Europeans take into consideration their political affiliations.

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Four Globalization skill the demise of French nationwide tradition (+3). thirteen i need a Europe of state states which are as politically and culturally varied as they're geographically varied (+4). 19 Europe might be more advantageous accurately since it has France as France, Spain as Spain, Britain as Britain, each one with its personal customs, traditions and id. it'd be folly to attempt to slot them into a few kind of identikit ecu character (+4). 24 France is just not herself other than within the first rank of the international locations of the realm (+3).

1998. “Playing at Politics: First-Time balloting within the 1997 united kingdom common Election,” Politeia (Social technology examine sequence No. 1). Cambridge: Fieldfare. McKeown, Bruce and Dan Thomas. 1988. Q technique. Newbury Park, CA: Sage. method 35 Meehan, Elizabeth M. 1993. Citizenship and the ecu group. Newbury Park, CA: Sage. O’Brien, Oonaugh. 1993. “Good to be French? Conflicts of id in North Catalonia,” in Sharon Macdonald (ed. ), inside of eu Identities. Oxford: Berg. Onuf, Nicholas G. 1989. global of Our Making.

10 zero. sixty five* –0. 22 zero. sixty nine* –0. sixteen zero. 04 zero. 03 zero. eleven –0. 08 zero. 17 zero. forty five –0. 05 zero. 25 zero. 09 zero. 24 zero. 23 zero. 20 zero. 25 zero. forty-one* zero. 30 zero. sixteen –0. 26 –0. 14 zero. 06 zero. 01 zero. 28 –0. 70* zero. 17 zero. 03 zero. 10 zero. 27 zero. 15 zero. 03 –0. 10 zero. eleven zero. thirteen zero. 27 –0. 01 zero. 36 –0. 06 zero. 06 zero. 02 zero. 39 zero. 23 zero. forty five* –0. 10 zero. forty zero. 33 zero. 18 zero. 37* zero. 12 zero. 26 zero. 02 zero. forty four zero. 12 zero. 06 zero. 26 zero. 26 zero. 03 zero. forty three zero. 23 zero. fifty nine* zero. 18 zero. 18 –0. 03 –0. 27 zero. 10 zero. 05 –0. eighty one* –0. 32 zero. thirteen –0. eleven zero. 09 zero. 19 –0. sixteen zero. 01 zero. 01 zero. 23 –0. 20 –0. 17 zero. sixty three* zero. 05 zero. forty zero. 23 zero. 26 zero. 23 zero. 70* zero. 36 VE 26% eleven% eight% nine% Gender Age classification heritage F F F F F F F F F F F F F F M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M F F F F F F F M M M M F M F M F M F O O Y O O O O O O Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y O O Y Y Y O Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y O O Y Y O O Y O Y Y Y O O O MC MC MC MC WC WC WC MC MC MC MC WC MC MC MC TC MC MC MC MC MC MC MC MC MC WK MC MC MC TC TC MC MC TC TC MC MC TC TC MC MC MC MC MC MC MC MC urban urban Prov Rur Rur urban Prov Prov Prov Prov Rur urban urban urban Prov urban Prov urban Rur Rur urban urban Prov Prov urban urban Prov urban urban urban urban urban Rur urban urban urban Prov urban urban urban Prov Prov Prov Prov Prov Prov Rur Notes VE: variance defined; F girl; M male; O olde; Y younger; MC heart type; WC operating type; urban urban historical past; Prov provincial heritage; Rur rural historical past.

2 1 three –2 32 more often than not my state has certainly profited from its involvement within the ecu. four four three 2 33 The countryside is just too susceptible to safe us equality and too powerful to permit us liberty. ... it's the concentration of man’s irrational, dysfunctional and infrequently damaging feelings. zero –2 1 zero 34 Federalism with subsidiarity is the way to reconcile what seems to be irreconcilable: encouraging the emergence of a united Europe whereas holding dependable to one’s fatherland even as. three zero zero 2 35 The country is largely the resource of all sovereignty; nor can anyone, or any physique of fellows, be entitled to any authority which isn't expressly derived from it.

1 for issue loadings and Appendix four. 2 for issue arrays). Pluralism was once so much prominently expressed and it emerged in kinds: • • • • Supranationalism emerged in kinds: • • • • A pluralism which used to be positive approximately Britain’s involvement in Europe whereas emphasizing variety; it used to be most typically expressed by way of those that defined themselves as being at the left. A pluralism which used to be linked to patriotism; respondents defined themselves as British and Scottish; they have been extra ambivalent in the direction of the european, seeing either execs and cons; this account used to be expressed via humans from numerous political affiliations.

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