Tezcatlipoca: Trickster and Supreme Deity

Tezcatlipoca: Trickster and ultimate Deity brings archaeological facts into the physique of scholarship on “the lord of the smoking mirror,” essentially the most very important Aztec deities. whereas iconographic and textual assets from sixteenth-century chroniclers and codices have contributed significantly to the certainty of Aztec non secular ideals and practices, participants to this quantity show the varied methods fabric facts expands on those conventional resources.

The interlocking complexities of Tezcatlipoca’s nature, a number of roles, and metaphorical attributes illustrate the level to which his impact penetrated Aztec trust and social motion throughout all degrees of overdue Postclassic critical Mexican tradition. Tezcatlipoca examines the result of archaeological investigations—objects like obsidian mirrors, gold, bells, public stone monuments, or even a mosaic skull—and finds new insights into the ideal deity of the Aztec pantheon and his function in Aztec culture.

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This symbolic id can also be printed in royalty’s privileged entry to ocelotl-skin thrones, mats, and cushions (Sahagún 1950–82, ebook VIII: 31) as an expression of authority and rulership (Dibble 1971, 324). This tripartite organization of Tezcatlipoca, the jaguar, and rulership characterizes the deity’s function as shopper of royalty and his visual appeal in rituals of royal accession, during which replicate symbolism is usually popular (Saunders 1990, 167–68). This elite organization has pan-Mesoamerican resonance as, one of the Maya, Kawil was once a “royal” god associated with ruling lineages (Milbrath, this quantity) and plenty of Maya rulers integrated the deity into their own names, fairly at Tikal (Martin and Grube 2000).

In the entire scenes, the Venus god kills his sufferer utilizing a long-distance projectile weapon (atlatl), a element additionally visible within the Codex Borgia Venus almanac (figure 7. 12). Reconstruction of dates linked to the Venus almanac within the Dresden Codex presents proof that Venus spearing a 173 174 T he M aya L ord of the S moking M irror sufferer symbolizes celestial competition (Milbrath 1995, 1999, 176). To upward thrust triumphant, the Morning megastar has to hurl his dart to the other aspect of the sky, killing celestial gods at the western horizon and forcing them into the underworld.

6). in lots of Postclassic photographs he has a protracted snout with branching parts, occasionally inset with a replicate (Milbrath 1999, figures 6e, 6f ). In glyphic contexts, his head is represented with a protracted snout, fangs, and a smoking point that may be a reflect or an ax (figure 7. 7). Kawil’s reference to maize is obvious in a few contexts (Freidel, Schele, and Parker 1993, 194–95; Milbrath 2002, 126; Schele and Mathews 1998, 116–17). Smoke volutes on his reflect occasionally resemble maize foliation (figures 7.

Consequently, the cartouche or vignette—generally blue or red—to keep away from any confusion with the times (see Batalla Rosado 1995), frames the times rather than the years, so the one that used this data didn't know the way to write down. while the Primeros Memoriales was once written, it used to be the second one 1/2 the 16th century, and the tlacuiloque in control of its work appear to have misplaced a part of the pre-Columbian culture. however, the fashion remains to be strongly inspired via that culture. within the Florentine Codex we discover the ezpitzal linked to Painal and Huitzi­ lopochtli (figure 2.

Seventy one years). The katun cycle itself can have constructed from long term observations of Jupiter and Saturn as the period among successive Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions is among 19 and two decades, the approximate size of the katun (Milbrath 1999, 240). examine of the Maya katun dates at Tikal, the location with the longest katun heritage, shows that once Jupiter used to be no longer in retrograde movement on the katun finishing, a Saturn occasion could have been substituted, but if neither planet was once in retrograde the katun finishing date used to be quite often now not recorded (Milbrath 2004).

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