Test-Driven iOS Development (Developer's Library)

As iOS apps develop into more and more advanced and business-critical, iOS builders needs to be sure continually more desirable code caliber. this implies adopting top practices for growing and checking out iOS apps. Test-Driven improvement (TDD) is among the strongest of those top practices. Test-Driven iOS Development is the 1st booklet a hundred% excited about assisting you effectively enforce TDD and unit checking out in an iOS environment.


Long-time iOS/Mac developer Graham Lee is helping you swiftly combine TDD into your present methods utilizing Apple’s Xcode four and the OCUnit unit checking out framework. He publications you thru developing a whole Objective-C iOS app in a test-driven demeanour, from preliminary specification to practical product. Lee additionally introduces strong styles for utilising TDD in iOS improvement, and previews robust computerized checking out functions that may quickly arrive at the iOS platform. assurance includes

  • Understanding the aim, merits, and prices of unit checking out in iOS environments
  • Mastering the foundations of TDD, and using them in components from app layout to refactoring
  • Writing usable, readable, and repeatable iOS unit tests
  • Using OCUnit to establish your Xcode venture for TDD
  • Using area research to spot the sessions and interactions your app wishes, and designing it accordingly
  • Considering third-party instruments for iOS unit testing
  • Building networking code in a test-driven manner
  • Automating trying out of view controller code that interacts with users
  • Designing to interfaces, now not implementations
  • Testing concurrent code that sometimes runs within the background
  • Applying TDD to current apps
  • Preparing for habit pushed improvement (BDD)


The in simple terms iOS-specific consultant to TDD and unit checking out, Test-Driven iOS Development covers either crucial
options and functional implementation.


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