Star Trek: Small World (Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers Book 49)

By David Mack

The da Vinci 's most modern challenge consists of bringing helpful shipment to the Mu Arae procedure -- a complete international that, via a astounding feat of engineering, is being kept in a small, pyramid-shaped field. regrettably, a opposed species desires the pyramid -- and its remarkable expertise -- for itself, and will not hesitate to head throughout the da Vinci to get it.
To make concerns worse, the caretaker of the area is in severe in sickbay. The S.C.E. needs to determine the key of the planet-in-a-box sooner than it truly is destroyedŠ

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Hawkins dedicated his recognition to scanning the open pyramid. Gomez furrowed her forehead. “Someone file, please. ” Corsi spoke back, “Best wager? i feel he had a middle assault. ” “Well,” Gomez acknowledged. “We’re off to an excellent commence. As ordinary. ” Gold massaged his wrinkled forehead with the palms of his correct hand. “Oy vey. ” He ran his hand via his sparse white hair. “Gomez, get your humans engaged on that pyramid contraption. Poynter, beam our visitor to sickbay—and warn Dr. Lense first, please. ” The captain became clear of the gang as he tapped his combadge.

Yet this is often Federation? ” “Um, now not precisely. ” Mui shot a stressful examine Safford, who shrugged, not sure of what the commander sought after him to claim. Mui pressed on. “We’re simply outdoors the Federation border, at the fringe of the previous Thallonian Empire. ” With a pointy hiss, Araneus pivoted first clockwise, then again back. “Thallonians are gone,” it acknowledged, relocating ahead. “Yeah,” Mui stated, his voice a apprehensive tremolo. “We comprehend. ” Safford pointed on the pyramid-shaped field at the flooring. Mui Safford’s gesture, then appeared again at Araneus.

Don’t stick your arms in there. ” Brushing her fingertips evenly around the arachnid’s carapace, she stated, “It appears to be like to respire via a community of enormous spiracles. Don’t fear approximately clearing an airway. ” She seemed up. “Computer, turn on Emergency scientific Hologram. ” Overhead holoprojectors woke up with a fast emerging hum. The holographic healthcare professional took form in entrance of her. “Please nation the character of the—” The EMH eyed Araneus with an expression of medical interest. “I see. How could I help you, surgeon?

Handing a wide and, sarcastically, spider-shaped machine to the EMH, Lense acknowledged, “I have to position a cardiopulmonary touch display screen at the sufferer, yet I can’t achieve the heart of its torso. ” “Understood,” he spoke back. with out a moment’s hesitation, he lifted the CPCM over his head and strolled towards the guts of Araneus’s physique. Adjusting his holographic matrix to make himself noncorporeal from the chest down, he handed like a ghost throughout the sufferer. He positioned the visual display unit close to the ahead curve of Araneus’s prodigious stomach.

Gomez was once vaguely amused via the surprised glance on his face. “The artifact is totally reshaping this megastar system,” he acknowledged in a dazed monotone. “Saldok,” Gold acknowledged, “what’s Koa doing? ” “Establishing a reliable elliptical orbit at a distance of one-point-two AUs, Captain. Orbital speed slowing…planetary rotation stabilizing. ” The Benzite was once trembling—with pleasure, Gomez figured, judging from the pitch of his voice—as he tapped in additional instructions at the ops console. “The fuel giants are stabilizing into their new orbits, besides, sir.

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