Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Soul Key

Continuing the occasions from Star Trek: frightened Symmetry, a brand new novel within the ongoing Deep house 9 series set after the tip of the seriously acclaimed tv series.

Captain Kira’s lookalike, Iliana Ghemor, desires of gratifying a prophecy that might mark her because the one precise Emissary of the reflect universe—a messianic determine who will lead her fans right into a warfare that can set off the detoxification of numerous trade Kiras in numerous parallel realities. however the stakes are greater than an individual imagines, for the pull of future tugs at different souls who're swept into the vortex of the Prophets, distant and undying beings who've set those occasions in movement. but the end result of this fight for the destiny of 1 universe will ripple throughout many others, giving form to a destiny that may end up to be maximum trial but for the heroes of station Deep area nine.

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Unload them again in Iljar. ” “Are you convinced? They comprehend what you appear to be. ” She restored the bracelet to her hand and began again towards Grennokar. “I didn’t say that they had to be alive,” she acknowledged over her shoulder. Iliana wasn’t able to surrender. If something, her obsession with the Paghvaram was once merely intensifying. Now the thing’s ineffable mysteries looked as if it would taunt her, making her extra decided than ever to liberate the key of its use. At Shing-kur’s recommendation, Iliana became the artifact over to her for medical research whereas Iliana pored over dossier after dossier of Bajoran prophecy and theological scholarship, searching for insights that went past the empirical.

As infuriating as this diversion used to be, her luck depended largely upon now not making enemies of those humans too quickly. easily defying Martok’s summons wasn’t an choice, as Entek knew completely good. In a fleet rife with power-hungry opportunists, her flagrant disobedience of the regent might invite a short assassination from these wishing to curry Martok’s favor—and she strongly suspected that Kurn will be on the head of the road. nonetheless, whereas she may need little selection other than to evolve at the fly to those all of sudden altered conditions, that wouldn’t inevitably hinder her from taking steps to impact how occasions might spread.

Each selection she’d made during the past have been a catastrophe. She may perhaps basically wish she nonetheless had adequate time to set issues correct ahead of the opposite Iliana turned the hot face of the Prophets. There’s a notion. a brand new face. With a burst of renewed strength, Ghemor grew to become to stand her hosts. “I imagine i've got an idea…. ” half 3 THE trade UNIVERSE 7 5 DAYS in the past “My persistence is donning skinny, L’Haan,” Iliana acknowledged as she thought of the view past the panoramic window of her suite aboard the Negh’Var, looking at the elongated starlight move past—an phantasm of the warship’s superluminal pace.

Sisko had no solution. The commander’s knuckles have been white round the slim finish of Sisko’s bat. Then, as though fearing what he may perhaps do subsequent, Vaughn broke it opposed to the trunk of the nya tree. “Find another individual to play your video games, Captain,” Vaughn acknowledged as he walked away. “I’m performed with them. ” Ro hobbled off the turbolift on her cane and stepped into the Habitat Ring. She would have to hurry if she used to be going to have time to bathe ahead of her subsequent actual remedy appointment with Kol. Now that the station used to be beginning to settle again into a few semblance of normalcy, she discovered that she couldn’t wait to be freed from her damned exoframe.

No, Kurn. They don’t. They’re coming. Or they’ll try and, a minimum of. ” Kurn eyed her suspiciously. “How have you learnt this? ” “That doesn’t really count, does it? ” Iliana requested as she rose from the chair and stretched lasciviously. “What does subject, notwithstanding, is that you’ve given me your belief prior to now, and that it'll simply damage you if I have been to lose that belief after we have either gotten so as regards to attaining every little thing we'd like. ” Kurn strode towards her and stood very shut, inhaling her smell. “You may perhaps reassure me,” he acknowledged with a suggestive leer.

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