Red Witch: Book Two of the Wizard Born Series

By Geof Johnson

Slightly weeks after defeating the sorcerer Renn, Jamie and his sweetheart, Fred, think their lives can eventually go back to basic. yet their international is thrown into turmoil as soon as Fred discovers she has magic of her own.

When Fred’s powers allure the eye of 2 harmful witches, she faces a terrifying ordeal that assessments her firecracker choice. Jamie reveals that even his gigantic powers are often now not sufficient, and he faces a torturous trial of his own.

Red Witch is a spell-binding story of witchcraft, wizardry, and the long-lasting strength of affection.

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I am getting quite hungry within the morning. Is there anything you could depart for me that i will be able to consume while I get up? ” Cassandra snapped her hands back. “Pop brownies. Left ’em within the kitchen. ” She moved quickly away and back with the field of pastries. “Got those whilst i purchased the water. ” She set them beside the growth field at the bedside desk. “Now, anything earlier than i am going? My television convey comes on now. ” She stood and rubbed her palms jointly. “Well, there's one small factor. ” Fred bit her lip as Cassandra paused. “Could you please, please, beautiful please name my mom and dad and allow them to be aware of I’m ok?

Fred positioned one hand to her face and groaned theatrically, “Oh, my head…it’s…. ” and she or he collapsed at the mattress. Rita waited a second earlier than pinching Fred at the arm. Ouch! Fred proposal, yet didn’t recoil. “Okay, Cass,” Rita known as. “She’s out. ” “Woo hoo! ” Cassandra stated from another room. “Time for Cass and Rita to make the scene. ” “Oh yeah. preferred New Year’s Eve occasion in Thibodaux! ” As Rita walked out, final the door in the back of her, she stated, “Make definite you convey lots of love powder and no matter what else we will promote.

What do you think that? ” She prolonged her closed fist towards Cassandra, who leaned ahead to work out. Fred opened her hand and blew, the powder creating a white cloud round the woman’s face. “What the hell! ” Cassandra coughed and flapped her hand ahead of her mouth, blinking tough. “What did you do? ” She wavered and attempted to snatch the sting of the desk, yet her clumsy hand ignored it as her eyes rolled up in her head. She dropped to the ground with an important thump, knocking the folding chair askew as she fell. The room was once quiet.

Subsequent factor Fred knew, she opened her eyes and spotted she wore a unique gown. Her shoulders felt damp, too. “Did you wash my hair? ” Fred touched her rainy curls. “You did many of the work,” Cassandra stated. “I placed the Compliance Bracelet on you and unchained you. I took you within the rest room and helped you wash it over the bath. ” “Did I, uh, do anything? ” “You used the lavatory, yet I didn’t watch. ” How embarrassing. She pulled up her costume and observed that she had fresh panties on. “Well, you took care of virtually every thing, didn’t you?

I believe your boss permit you to off this one time. he's your cousin, finally. ” “Yeah. ” Jamie stopped and stared on the flooring in entrance of him. “I’ll name someone to hide for me and Rollie. ” He persevered to face there, mouth squeezed tightly, until eventually Bryce positioned his hand on Jamie’s shoulder. “Listen, Buddy,” Bryce acknowledged. “I be aware of it’s not easy right away. It’s demanding for we all, so don’t suppose like you’re by myself. ” Bryce cleared his throat. “We’re gonna support up to we will be able to. ” Jamie regarded into his Bryce’s darkish eyes and nodded, then seemed away.

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