New Directions in Poetry and Prose (Volume 23)

By Gary Snyder, Richard Meyers, Robert Duncan, Robert Bly, James Purdy, Walter Abish, Besmilr Brigham, William Bronk, Alvaro de Cam

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As it says under, this quantity is of observe for its translations of Enrique Lihn (!), Fernando Pessoa, and Yannis Ritsos.

Since 1936, the New instructions Annuals have served as vehi­-
cles for the presentation of new and variation developments in global
literature. The overseas personality of this year’s anthology,
the twenty-third in the sequence, is underscored by means of translations of
substantial works through 3 significant overseas poets—Enrique Lihn
(Chile), Fernando Pessoa (Portugal) and Yannis Ritsos
(Greece). Of the American poets, a few have long-standing
reputations, such as Robert Bly, William Bronk, Robert Dun­
can, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Denise Levertov and Carl Rakosi;
others, like Besmilr Brigham, Walter S. Hamady and Richard
Meyers, have contributed to fresh Annuals; whereas a quantity
are rookies of promise—David Giannini, Yuki Hartman
and Lawson Fusao Inada.
T h e prose sections convey an specially wealthy range of
technique, shape and topic subject, ranging from Gary
Snyder’s essay on ecology, The barren region, and Russell Edson’s
satirical brief play, Ketchup, to an inventive free-form piece
by Don Wulffson, You Too Can Be a Floorwax That Even
Your Husband may follow. There are, in addition, brief
stories by way of Walter Abish, Marvin Cohen and James Purdy, and
excerpts from works in growth by means of Charles Henri Ford and
Dennis Silk.

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We're left. without notice not anything. We pay attention; don't have anything to name. We ask yourself how lets ever have used that identify. Now, we aren't. Love is a smart strength. 139 140 W ILLIAM BRONK TALKS WITH TH E EM ISSARIES it really is sleep which takes us apart and provides to. And the supply tempts us; we're weak, have recognized sleep for a very long time, can remember issues it introduced us even with out supplies. yet our precise openness—what sleep could comprehend— is our wisdom those previous few days proven, that what we see or do, within the traditional means, within the day’s direction seriously is not there, doesn’t subject, is inappropriate, genuine, within the feel of exact and actual for those who think that, however the so much trivial, detached form of truth.

M o t h e r . might be you may visit the male neighbor and provide your self instead of his baby. m o th er fa th er . . RUSSELL EDSON 2g f a t h e r . No, mom, it’s no longer dignified. Even in demanding instances one needs to continue a definite dignity. m o t h e r . in fact, Father; and that i imagine it used to be a woman baby, any­ approach. i believe you will were the inaccurate intercourse. f a t h e r . Why do you elevate intercourse at a time like this? m o t h e r . I merely intended . . . f a t h e r . That’s the difficulty with you, you communicate ahead of you think that.

Now not undesirable for souls. So appealing is topic, souls are purified and punished there. outdated cloud chamber. Origen minimize his balls off there. All useless, previous theologies. not more listeners. previous lifeless. nonetheless it speaks. Neither sorrow nor the absence of it, basically apprehension which freezes souls and hangs them from a beam the place they could simply sure on air currents. RAKOSI 147 148 CARL RAKOSI back it speaks as from a crater dry and indignant, breath of dogma. Quake, limbs! Open, bowels 1 trademarks is Gnosis is Origen is* A MUSTACHE DRAWN ON AM ERICANA 6 I’ll guess you cash to doughnuts the Vincents hit us this night.

She placed her hand in her gown and listened because the silly, repetitious melody light past the achieve of her ears. She aroused from sleep the subsequent morning, nonetheless totally dressed. Seigh T. stood over her. She listened, yet heard not anything. it sounds as if nobody else used to be in the home. ) he who might claim the manifesto of the colleges could ask that we discover new fantasies articulated when you consider that his early life might carry TH E HAND OF TH E ok IN ETIC MAID she who may stay seated the place informed HOW a lot WE educate via FEA R how far better to coach via compliment HOW a lot WE train OF TH E earlier in basic terms the kinetic maid appears to be like over her shoulder to determine what's coming DON WULFFSON seventy five BEW ARE OF A TU N N EL WITH A MOUTH AT either ENDS for instance tiger occasions the Rosy Crucifixion Plexus the tree of existence is saved alive now not by means of tears however the wisdom that freedom is actual and eternal certainly else you want to R EM EM BER the harmony among falseness and fact fact AND FA LSE N ESS OF team spirit THE via D ISTU RBED BE now not do you have to TH ERE IS A HOLLYWOOD BOY WHO CA LLS H IM SELF JOHN AND B IL L (He is a secret.

F A T H E R . No. m o t h e r . It says: one pound of espresso, ten tablespoons, a dozen oranges, toothpicks, if no longer gold, wood, a lady’s diamond watch, a bottle of aspirin, one pound of chopped meat, a bag of onions, wrinkle cream, and . . . f a t h e r . What does it say? m o t h e r . Seven bottles of ketchup, one airborne dirt and dust mop, and speak to the guy approximately solving the corkscrew . . . f a t h e r . What does it suggest? forty RUSSELL EDSON Why do you ask for which means at a time like this? since it may possibly make the variation .

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