More iOS 6 Development: Further Explorations of the iOS SDK

By Jeff LaMarche, Alex Horovitz

Interested in iPhone and iPad apps improvement? are looking to examine extra? no matter if you’re a self-taught iPhone and iPad apps development genius or have simply made your approach during the pages of Beginning iOS 6 Development, we've got the best publication for you.

More iOS 6 improvement: additional Explorations of the iOS SDK digs deeper into Apple’s most up-to-date iOS 6 SDK. Bestselling authors Dave Mark, Alex Horovitz, Kevin Kim and Jeff LaMarche clarify recommendations as in basic terms they can―covering subject matters like middle information, peer-to-peer networking utilizing GameKit and community streams, operating with information from the net, MapKit, in-application email, and extra. all of the options and APIs are in actual fact awarded with code snippets you could customise and use, as you love, on your personal apps.

while you are going to put in writing a certified iPhone or iPad app, you’ll are looking to get your hands round center facts, and there’s no greater position to take action than within the pages of this publication. The ebook maintains correct the place Beginning iOS 6 Development leaves off, with a chain of chapters dedicated to center facts, the traditional for Apple persistence. Dave, Alex, Kevin and Jeff carefully step via every one middle facts inspiration and exhibit options and counsel particularly for writing better apps―offering a breadth of assurance you will not locate anyplace else.

The center information assurance on my own is definitely worth the cost of admission. yet there is much more! More iOS 6 improvement covers a number of networking mechanisms, from GameKit’s rather easy BlueTooth peer-to-peer version, to the addition of Bonjour discovery and community streams, during the complexity of having access to records through the net.

Dave, Alex, Kevin, and Jeff also will take you thru assurance of concurrent programming and a few complicated innovations for debugging your purposes. the improved multitasking, threading, reminiscence administration and extra are important. Apps are becoming a growing number of complicated, together with refined video game apps that provide digital or augmented truth reviews and new mapping perspectives that benefit from sensors and different APIs within the latest iOS 6 SDK.

Whether you're a relative newcomer to iPhone and iPad or iOS development or an previous hand trying to extend your horizons, there’s whatever for everybody in More iOS 6 Development.


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Lots of the universal controller periods within the iOS SDK (such as UINavigationController, UITableViewController, and UIViewController) are designed to behave because the controller for a particular form of view. View controllers, although, are usually not the single forms of controller sessions that Cocoa contact presents, even though they're the commonest. NSFetchedResultsController is an instance of a controller category that's not a view controller. NS~etchedResultsController is designed to address one very particular activity, that is to control the items again from a center info fetch request.

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