Laconia: 1,200 Tweets on Film

By Masha Tupitsyn

If the sound chunk is the hot order, then how can we make each notice count number? In cutting-edge surplus international of communique overload and cultural muddle, author and cultural critic Masha Tupitsyn turns to the media matrix of Twitter to discover the altering ways in which we build and devour narrative. Loosely utilising the discerning aphorism--a compressed style in itself--to a twenty first century context, LACONIA: 1,200 TWEETS ON movie bargains meditations on movie and pop culture that resonant with laconic that means and private perception whereas attending to the center of the problem. encouraged via Chris Marker's free-associative movie impressions in los angeles Jetee and Sans Soleil, LACONIA is a component movie diary, half cultural stock, and half mashup. Pulling from an array of movie, pop culture, books, and mainstream information, it deals penetrating severe statement on an more and more muddled digital international. LACONIA involves brick through brick prose, as Tupitsyn thinks in sentences and contours that culminate in an structure of considering.

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Does it say 11:46 PM Nov nineteenth 375. anything approximately this age of ours,” asks Welles, “that [Irving] may perhaps basically make it huge through fakery? ” 11:47 AM Nov nineteenth 376. “You’re a liar and that’s the reality. ” Actor, St. Vincent 3:14 PM Nov twentieth 377. in terms of star, YouTube is fascinating since you can actually watch actors being reworked (bastardized) via repute over the years. 8:55 PM Nov twentieth 378. Faces, our bodies, personalities, accents, and speech styles swap dramatically. humans cease telling the reality, turn into extra articulate, 8:56 PM Nov twentieth 379.

Radiohead. child A. “Idioteque,” 2000, united kingdom. 197. Chinatown, Roman Polanski, 1974, united states. 198. The Secretary, Steven Shainberg, 2002, united states. 199. deadly Weapon, Richard Donner, 1987, united states. 2 hundred. fringe of Darkness, Martin Campbell, 2009, united states. 201. Cape worry, J. Lee Thompson, 1962, united states. 202. Cape worry, Martin Scorsese, 1991, united states. 203. Brodre, Susanne Bier, 2005, Denmark. 204. i'm Sam, Jessie Nelson, 2001, united states. 205. pink desolate tract, Michelangelo Antonioni, 1964, Italy. 206. The female friend event, Steven Soderbergh, 2009, united states. 207. She’s the only, Edward Burns, 1996, united states.

Whilst Penelope Cruz asks Halle Barry what motion picture she loves to watch over and over on Oprah’s Oscar specified, Berry says deadly allure. 12:13 AM Mar 4th 954. Then, later within the express, Glenn shut and Michael Douglas “reunite” to percentage their nostalgia approximately making deadly appeal, as though the motion picture 12:13 AM Mar 4th 955. have been a few real romance. How unhappy for Berry and Oprah and Glenn. while deadly charm got here out, and persisted to draw list crowds, 12:14 AM Mar 4th 956. director Adrian Lyne gushed, “It’s impressive what an audience-participation movie it’s grew to become out to be.

It’s challenging to reconcile the puffy out-of-work Ryan O’Neal with the 70s monitor superstar, who was once really, when you 10:29 AM Jan third 633. examine What’s Up, document? with Barry Lyndon, an effective actor in a thermostatic type of method. O’Neal’s appearing, poised someplace among 10:30 AM Jan third 634. silent movie famous person (Barry Lyndon) and taciturn male noir (The Driver), is generally approximately temperature. elevating it and decreasing it. Freezing or 10:30 AM Jan third 635. heating up a room. nobody emotes rather like he did. On television this summer time, O’Neal was once ruddy, with doll cheeks and a abdominal.

324. All approximately Eve, Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1950, united states. 325. Head-On, Fatih Akin, 2004, Germany. 326. the bleak fact, Leo McCarey, 1937, united states. 327. Baudrillard, Jean. De l. a. seduction. variants Galilee: Paris, 1979. 328. Moon, Duncan Jones, 2009, united states. 329. It’s Alive, Larry Cohen, 1974, united states. 330. Confessions of A Shopaholic, P. J. Hogan, 2009, united states. 331. maintaining with the Kardashians, Eliot Goldberg, Ryan Seacrest (TV), 2007-present, united states. 332. Solaris (Solyaris), Andrei Tarkovsky, 1972, Russia. 333. Ugetsu (Ugetsu Monogatari / stories of Ugetsu / stories of a faded and Mysterious Moon After the Rain), Kenji Mizoguchi, 1953, Japan.

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