iOS 6 Programming Cookbook

By Vandad Nahavandipoor

Overcome the vexing matters you’ll unavoidably confront while growing apps for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod contact. through utilizing new and revised recipes during this up-to-date cookbook, you’ll quick examine the stairs essential to write whole iOS apps—including how you can shop and shield information, increase and animate pictures, deal with records and folders, and benefit from Passbook.

Thoroughly up to date for iOS 6 SDK, this cookbook exhibits you ways to exploit countless numbers of suggestions to resolve difficulties that builders of all degrees quite often face. every one recipe contains pattern code you should use correct away.

  • Use cross equipment to carry digitally-signed passes similar to loyalty cards
  • Define the format of UI components with Cocoa vehicle Layout
  • Develop location-aware apps
  • Get operating examples for imposing gesture recognizers
  • Use new Objective-C Runtime features
  • Play audio and video records and entry the iPod library
  • Retrieve contacts and teams from the handle Book
  • Determine digital camera availability and entry the picture Library
  • Create multitasking-aware apps
  • Use occasion package to control calendars, dates, and events
  • Apply the accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Enhance your app with the iCloud service

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Here's an instance: - (void) viewDidAppear:(BOOL)animated{ [super viewDidAppear:animated]; UIAlertView *alertView = [[UIAlertView alloc] initWithTitle:@"Password" message:@"Please input your password:" delegate:self cancelButtonTitle:@"Cancel" otherButtonTitles:@"Ok", nil]; 2. 1 exhibiting indicators with UIAlertView | one zero five [alertView setAlertViewStyle:UIAlertViewStyleSecureTextInput]; [alertView show]; } determine 2-5. safe textual content access in an alert view And as you will see that, the fashion we’ve selected is UIAlertViewStyleSecureTextInput.

355 6. 1 6. 2 6. three 6. four 6. five 6. 6 6. 7 6. eight 6. nine 6. 10 6. eleven 6. 12 6. thirteen 6. 14 6. 15 6. sixteen 6. 17 6. 18 developing Block items gaining access to Variables in Block gadgets Invoking Block gadgets Dispatching projects to Grand imperative Dispatch appearing UI-Related projects with GCD Executing Non-UI similar projects Synchronously with GCD Executing Non-UI comparable projects Asynchronously with GCD acting projects After a hold up with GCD appearing a role just once with GCD Grouping projects including GCD developing your individual Dispatch Queues with GCD working projects Synchronously with Operations working initiatives Asynchronously with Operations developing Dependency among Operations growing Timers growing Concurrency with Threads Invoking history equipment Exiting Threads and Timers 361 365 371 372 373 377 380 386 389 391 394 397 404 411 413 418 423 425 desk of Contents | v 7.

Similar to a for loop, you could create an unlimited loop utilizing your time loop, even if this can be a bad programming perform and also you may still steer clear of it by means of all capability: whereas (YES){ /* endless loop */ } you need to just be sure you have an go out method on your whereas and for loops. For this, you want to control the in your loops and ensure that the situation might be met sooner or later with no making your loops hog the entire reminiscence and/or procedure assets whereas they run, whereas utilizing autorelease gadgets.

471 nine. 1 nine. 2 nine. three nine. four nine. five nine. 6 nine. 7 nine. eight nine. nine nine. 10 nine. eleven nine. 12 Downloading Asynchronously with NSURLConnection dealing with Timeouts in Asynchronous Connections Downloading Synchronously with NSURLConnection editing a URL Request with NSMutableURLRequest Sending HTTP GET Requests with NSURLConnection Sending HTTP put up Requests with NSURLConnection Sending HTTP DELETE Requests with NSURLConnection Sending HTTP positioned Requests with NSURLConnection Serializing Arrays and Dictionaries into JSON Deserializing JSON into Arrays and Dictionaries Integrating Twitter performance into Your Apps Parsing XML with NSXMLParser 471 474 475 478 479 481 484 486 488 491 494 499 10.

Middle; self. myDatePicker. datePickerMode = UIDatePickerModeCountDownTimer; [self. view addSubview:self. myDatePicker]; NSTimeInterval twoMinutes = 2 * 60; [self. myDatePicker setCountDownDuration:twoMinutes]; } the implications are proven in determine 2-19. 2. five determining the Date and Time with UIDatePicker | a hundred twenty five Figure 2-19. A two-minute countdown length set on a date picker 2. 6 imposing variety Pickers with UISlider challenge you must permit your clients to specify a price inside of a variety, utilizing an easy-touse and intuitive UI.

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