Dragonslayer (A Gotrek & Felix novel)

By William King

Dragonslayer is the fourth epic instalment within the death-seeking saga of Gotrek and Felix. After the bold exploits in Daemonslayer, the fearless duo locate themselves pursued by means of the insidious and ruthless skaven-lord, gray Seer Thanquol. Drogonslayer sees the fearless Trollslayer and his sworn significant other again aboard the arcane dwarf airship looking for a golden hoard - and its lethal dad or mum! new version with lovely redesigned hide!

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Whilst he idea it a unusual sinking sensation struck him. Why is the floor coming nearer, he questioned? ‘Now,’ Ulrika heard Max Schreiber mutter, after which the mage started to circulation his fingers and incant in a few language she didn't comprehend. As she watched a fancy constitution of sunshine started to take form within the area in entrance of the magician, after which with a gesture of his hand he despatched it spinning out in the direction of the gray seer. whilst it struck Thanquol the glow round the skaven sorcerer light and he went tumbling headlong to the earth.

He strode as much as the mouth of the cave and raised his awl above his head, protecting the shaft in either fingers. ‘We’ve killed the dragon! ’ he shouted. ‘If you will have its treasure, you’re going to need to get it over my useless physique. ’ For a second, all was once silence then there has been a roar of voices. A second after that Gotrek leapt again as a hail of arrows rained down the place he stood. Felix spotted that a few have been black-fletched, a few white. He puzzled which were fired by way of people, which by way of orcs. ‘I think being pin-cushioned with arrows isn't any dying for a Slayer,’ Felix acknowledged.

There has been anything varied approximately Max now. He seemed much more like a sorcerer than ever he had prior to. Felix attempted to inform himself that it was once simply because now he was once easily extra conscious of the facility the mage wielded, yet he knew it was once greater than this. a unique swap had come over the magician long ago few days. Now, greater than ever, he gave the impression of a determine of hidden could. ‘Felix, may possibly I ask you a number of questions on the sword you endure? ’ ‘Why? ’ ‘I am drawn to it. it sort of feels to me to be an artifact of substantial energy, and it sort of feels to be...

Its partitions have been scorched and caked with soot from the burning of its timbers. In locations the stones had melted and run, an affidavit to the warmth of the dragon’s breath. Felix checked out her. Her face used to be filthy and her garments reeked. She was once garbed in tattered rags. A blackened shawl held her disheveled hair out of her eyes. extra rags have been wrapped round her ft. a tremendous claw-like nail emerged from the fabric bandaged round her left foot. simply from taking a look into her eyes, Felix might inform that she and sanity had parted corporation decades in the past.

And that i in the past realized to realize orcs at an exceptional distance. someone who lives at the plains of Kislev dies speedily in the event that they don't. ’ ‘Are the greenskins so fearsome then? ’ he requested. He already knew the reply, he simply desired to pay attention her voice. ‘Bad as Chaos warriors of their personal means. much more savage and so they don’t be aware of while they’re useless. I’ve noticeable an orc with arrows via its middle and part its head cleaved away chop down part a dozen warriors prior to it died. ’ ‘So have I,’ Gotrek Gurnisson acknowledged.

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