Ayn Rand and the World She Made

Ayn Rand is better often called the writer of the perennially bestselling novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. Altogether, greater than 12 million copies of the 2 novels were bought within the usa. The books have attracted 3 generations of readers, formed the starting place of the Libertarian circulate, and inspired White condominium financial regulations in the course of the Reagan years and past. A passionate recommend of laissez-faire capitalism and person rights, Rand is still a robust strength within the political perceptions of american citizens this present day. but twenty-five years after her demise, her readers recognize little approximately her life.

In this seminal biography, Anne C. Heller strains the arguable author’s lifestyles from her formative years in Russia through the Bolshevik Revolution to her years as a screenwriter in Hollywood, the book of her blockbuster novels, and the increase and fall of the cult that shaped round her within the Nineteen Fifties and Nineteen Sixties. all through, Heller finds formerly unknown proof approximately Rand’s historical past and appears at Rand with new learn and a clean point of view.

Based on unique examine in Russia, dozens of interviews with Rand’s neighbors and previous acolytes, and formerly unexamined records of tapes and letters, AYN RAND AND the realm SHE MADE is a finished and eye-opening portrait of 1 of the main major and unbelievable figures of the 20 th century.

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Rand’s tendency to argue: “Ayn Rand’s existence. ” foreign Women’s Day march: information of occasions from February 23 to March three, 1917, are in keeping with A People’s Tragedy, pp. 307–45; purple Victory, pp. 38–39; Passage via Armageddon, pp. 320–45. a hundred thousand hungry, war-weary employees: A People’s Tragedy, p. 308. recklessly shouting, “Down with the czar! ”: purple Victory, p. 33. stood on their house balcony: TPOAR, p. 18; and AR, p. 14, according to fabric within the Ayn Rand Papers. (In AR:SOL, p. 38, Paxton writes, “She observed purple flags get up at the streets.

It’s now not most unlikely that AR had heard this word in Hollywood and had named her screenplay crimson Pawn as an ironic statement on it. the level of the pro-Communist bias: BBTBI; via mid-1936, she used to be writing to Gouverneur Morris, “New York is stuffed with humans bought our bodies and souls to the Soviets. the level of it nearly frightens me” (letter to Gouverneur Morris, April 14, 1936 [LOAR, p. 28]). vowed to confront the messengers of collectivism: Letter to H. L. Mencken, July 28, 1934 (LOAR, p. 13). all started a application of intensive studying: The Library of Ayn Rand, pp.

Her rules “had come full-blown from her head”: JH, from taped, unpublished interviews via journalist JW in coaching for a CBC detailed document at the 10th anniversary of AR’s demise, titled principles: The Legacy of Ayn Rand (1992). “relegated to the scrap-heap”: “Conversations with Ayn Rand,” p. 24. “shivering, scared children”: John Hospers, “Remembrance of items Past,” Liberty, August 2006, pp. 19–22. “‘Undigested contract’ doesn't curiosity or quandary me”: Letter to JH, January three, 1961 (LOAR, p. 531).

322. the 1st trace of hassle: precis of Paterson’s 1948 stopover at in keeping with BBTBI. After Ryskind left: TPOAR, p. 203. the subsequent incident came about: BBTBI. “[That girl] should be saved out of sight”: the girl and the Dynamo, p. 313. Rand suspected: “I suspect that [Paterson] fairly hated The Fountainhead,” Rand as soon as instructed Barbara Branden, “that she beloved yes facets of it dutifully, or fairly that she talked herself into liking it” (BBTBI). in line with Rand’s later account: BBTBI. She didn’t just like the intercourse: writer interview with NB, could five, 2004.

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