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1001 technology 095-118 Ch4. qxd 16/4/08 17:26 web page 116 116 1001 surprising technological know-how evidence A ‘doomsday vault’ is being inbuilt an Arctic cave to shop seeds from the entire world’s food-giving vegetation in case a tremendous catastrophe wipes all of them out. it's going to include four. five million seed samples that would have the ability to live to tell the tale for as much as 1,000 years. Ice is technically a mineral. all of the animals on the earth mixed use 10,000 tonnes (over 22 million kilos) of oxygen a moment. Over ninety nine according to cent of the entire species on this planet that experience ever lived are already extinct!

The human physique includes an awesome 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms. Scientists have recreated the lethal flu virus that killed one consistent with cent of the whole global inhabitants among 1918 and 1919. shrewdpermanent, huh? you'll likely produce adequate saliva in the course of your existence to fill pools. 1001 technology 009-046 Ch1. qxd 16/4/08 17:07 web page 33 33 Early anatomists weren't allowed to review lifeless our bodies, so that they paid grave robbers to scouse borrow them. frequently, the our bodies of completed criminals have been stolen and bought.

A few species of deep sea squid squirt luminous ink rather than black! It creates a cloud of sparkling mild that distracts predators. A housefly’s toes are ten million instances extra delicate to style than a human tongue. Cockroaches were round for no less than three hundred million years – that’s a hundred million years ahead of the dinosaurs advanced. surprising Creepy Creature proof In 1915 a bad plague of locusts in Jerusalem darkened the sky in the midst of the day, blocking off out the solar. They ate every thing and laid thousands of eggs.

Recycling 1 tonne (2,205 kilos) of paper saves 17 timber from being scale down. A raindrop falls at eleven kilometres (7 miles) in line with hour. surprising residing international proof merely zero. 001 in keeping with cent of the earth’s water is in clouds or falling rain at anybody time. 1001 technological know-how 095-118 Ch4. qxd 16/4/08 17:26 web page a hundred and ten a hundred and ten 1001 surprising technology proof A lightning bolt is round 7. 6 centimetres (3 inches) huge and a couple of miles (3. 2 kilometres) lengthy. Scientists operating within the rainforests frequently locate their ft move eco-friendly and mouldy.

Nine surprising Animal proof . . . . . . . . forty seven stunning Creepy Creature evidence . . seventy five stunning residing international proof . . . . ninety five surprising Planet Earth evidence . . . . 119 surprising area proof . . . . . . . . 143 surprising know-how proof . . . . . 169 1001 technology 005-008 Arc. qxd 16/4/08 17:05 web page 6 organize to be zapped! electrical energy isn’t the single factor in technological know-how that’s surprising. a few scientists scan by way of digging round in garbage dumps or poking via issues that pop out of the incorrect finish of animals! Others chase titanic, slithering worms that stay within your physique or paintings with poisons so lethal, a unmarried bottle may possibly kill all people on earth...

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